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Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Today one of the members of my book club posted the following video on Facebook, which really got me thinking about the diversity shown in the books I have been reading.

When I looked through my own reading list (thanks, Goodreads!)  I found that of the 66 books I have read so far this year, the split between male and female authors was about half.  However, I could not find *one* book written by an author who was not Caucasian.  I must admit, I was a little shocked by this!  Is this a trend that is just common to speculative fiction, or is it a common trend in popular culture as a whole?

It got me thinking about our responsibilities as teachers and librarians to create collections of books the represent the diversity we are seeing in our students.   How are different races, cultures, genders and sexualities represented in the books available to our students?  What about the books our students are choosing for themselves?

It’s definitely something to think about.  I know I will be thinking about this the next time I choose a book to read.

What are your thoughts?

How does your bookshelf shape up when it comes to diversity?  Is the trend I have noticed a common one?

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