Kids These Days…

What is popular with kids these days?  I already posted about the way my 8-10 year old students spend their screen time, but this week I have created a Pinterest board to show visually what children are interested in.  I also asked my Facebook friends for help about what is popular with their own primary school aged children.

There was an interesting mix of things that have been popular since I was a child (TMNT, Lego, The Smurfs), as well as many things that are brand new to me and I know little about (Skylanders, Minecraft).

I joined Pinterest a while ago, and pinned a few things but then the novelty wore off and I hadn’t used it in a long time until I made this board.  I know that many of my friends are completely addicted to it though.

What are your thoughts?

Which camp do you fall into?  Was your response to Pinterest like mine (fun at first, but the novelty wore off quickly) or are you a complete Pinterest addict?  Or somewhere in between?


1 thought on “Kids These Days…

  1. Well Kirsten I’m hooked on Pinterest now. Previously I had only followed other people’s Pinterest boards and I too lost interest. However now that I’ve actually started creating boards of my own, I find myself spending far too much time searching and pinning when I really should be doing other things. I’ll definitely have to put it aside until the end of semester.
    It’d so interesting seeing some of the old pop culture from my days reappearing as interests for todays youth, particularly the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Smurfs. Some things will never disappear will they?

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